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Big Village
Organic - Ethical - Sustainable
Whether we live in a city, a town, a village or a small hamlet we all strive for a sense of community. We want to know where the products we purchased were made, who made them and what ingredients were used in their manufacture. In our modern life we are shielded from the true source, location and sustainability of many of the
Big Village aims to bring together a wide variety of people from around the world to create organic, ethical and sustainable goods for your perusal and purchase.  We will be providing information on projects taking place both locally in the UK and around the world so that you can connect with the people who collect the     raw  materials and create the  final products. Overall we aim to bring to you goods with known provenance and, most importantly, are of the highest quality.  
Big Village Community
Trade and Sustainability Principles

To work towards mutual long-term relationships with communities and suppliers
To purchase organic raw ingredients where possible
To use suppliers who have a strong ethical approach to business e.g. That they guarantee a living wage for their community trade suppliers and their workers
To support initiatives from our community of suppliers that contribute to sustainable development
Skin Care and Big Village
Big Village aims to restore the simplicity of natural skin care used by our ancestors, with the modern advantage of being able to source a wide variety of high-quality natural and, if possible, organic ingredients.

Our range of products includes:

Body and hand oils
Eye oils
Baby oils
Regeneration oils
Dry and mature skin oils
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Our organic Shea Butter is sourced from a project in Ghana where 600 women are employed producing Shea Butter.
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A Ghanaian Shea Tree